Police filled fake case against me.

Hai sir, We are seriously affect by fake police compliant. I have ralation with my girl friend(20), She force me to marriage her. But i am not interest to do that, so she and her family went to my house, to threatening my parents. But my parents are disagree, their commitment. Then she and her family went to police station and fill fake against me and my family. police men are filled the fake case under the section Ipc 498, 386 and 506(b) without any inquiry and investigation. They filled the date of occurrence on 26/03/2016 at my native place(tirunelveli), but that day i am working in my office at chennai. similarly that day that girl in college, so the place of occurrence is totally wrong and created by police. This is completely fake case against me and my family. We are so depressed. Now we are in bail, but we are very disappointed by police and she's family. We are not threatening that girl but police filled the section 506(b), similarly the section 386 and 498 also just created by police. My family members are basically middle class and uneducated(except me and my brother). So i planned to register compliant against police men and she's family. Please give some suggestion to, (1) Prove police filled fake case against me. (2) Punish peoples those who are spoil my life. (3) I want to teach listen to police, they spoil my life and my family members life. It will helpful for save my life. Thank you so much..