Divorce Case

Hello, I want to seek your expert advice in my case . I am US H1-Visa holder and got married to an Indian citizen girl on 1st May, 2015 in India . I was in India for around 1 month during the duration of wedding and then I moved back to US . I now want to seek divorce with my wife on grounds of Incompatibility and personality clashes. I am currently in the USA and my wife is also in US Also I have already filed divorce petition in USA . Now my wife is threatening me to file DV , 498A and maintenance case against me and my parents in India . Her dad had already taken her power of attorney and will put the charges on me soon . Could you please help me with the below questions ? ---> Since my wife is still in US and I have already filed petition here can her parents simultaneously file all charges against me ? ----> Also , if my wife run away from US and comes to India without responding to petition then will this divorce be valid in India . --> I have recordings of her and her dad conversations of plans against me . Can I use this recordings as proof against her ? --> I also know recording is illegal as per California rule , can she also put recording allegations on me ? What can I do simultaneously to make my divorce valid in India . Thanks Sanket