Application of penal interest on wrong allotment of smaller plot

Dear Sir, I had applied for a plot of land from Lucknow Development Auotherty [LDA] in AUG 1998 measuring 112 sq meter by depositing Rs 20000. However LDA did not allot me a plot. When I approach them in 2001 about not allotment of plot, they alloted me a plot of 40 sq meters instead of my applied plot of 112 sq meters. I pointed out their mistake and asked them to rectify their mistake and allot me a plot of land measuring 112 sq meter but dragging the matter for many years they (LDA) cancelled my allotment of 40 sq mtr plot in 2006. Aggrieved ,I made application under RTI and also wrote letters to various authorities. Ultimatetly LDA re alloted me a plot in 2008 measuring 112 sq meter by accepting that due to some technical mistake 40 meter plot has been alloted to me which has now been rectified but at current rate. I again protested that since it was LDA fault in alloting 40 sq meter plot in 2001,why should I pay at current rate of 2008 and requested to allow me to pay at the rate of 2001.But they did not reply and charge penal rate of interest for non payment of dues. After protected correspondence,when LDA did not heard my pleas,I got my plot registered on current rate in 2013 and sold the plot fearing that LDA will be harrassing me thereafter also. In the process, I have to pay about Rs 620000.extra by way of difference in rate of plot of 2001 & 2008 and also penal interest due to non attendence of various appeals under RTI and others. My question is what recource do I have against LDA who harrassed me for over 15 years in not attending to my legitimate requests and declining my appeals under RTI in State forum thereby inducing a loss of 620000 for their (LDA) acknowledged mistake.If Consumer case is option,then how can I move as I am a woman settled in Banglore after marriage and what will be time factor and also cost of filing case etc. Pallavi Singh.c/o B K Singh([deleted]),