Ex parte divorce proceeding doubt

Hi, In my divorce ex parte proceedings were initiated few months back when respondent didn't appear even after furnishing summons and publishing in news papers. Judge had ordered to file an affidavit representing my side which I did on last week's hearing. But on last week's hearing an application from respondent's side was submitted too which asked for more time to file written statement. The judge rejected the application as neither it was signed by the respondent nor any Vakalatnama was attached of the lawyer who submitted it nor that lawyer or anyone from respondent's side was present. So on last 2 dates they were'nt present officially. Now judge has ordered "Ex parte argument" on next date, which my lawyer says will be an argument given only from our side to present our evidences...my question is, can the other party file another application on next date and stop ex parte proceedings which are already in process? or is it that they can't do anything till ex parte decree is passed and then appeal against it? Is there a judgement which can help in this regard? Thanks