Child Custody

Dear Sir / Madam, I and my wife were the classmate from L.K.G to 10th Standard, when we were in 09th Standard both are in loved each other. After complete my 10th Standard I joined my Diploma Course (Polytechnic) whereas, my wife continue her studies in same school. After complete her Higher Secondary she moved to Chennai for her under graduate degree in a Collage in Chennai. We were in contact in phone & mails. After complete my Diploma I have joined a Training Course in Trichy, during this period we meet each other; in our deep love and close relationship my wife got pregnant and we apprehending the consequence we both left to Kerala and stayed in Varkala with the support of my friends. There my wife give a birth to my daughter Sana Minesha on [deleted]. For eking our livelihood, I left my wife & daughter in Kerala and I went to Qatar for employment there. Using my absence her father & Brother took my wife & daughter to their native. After that her father, brother & relative has restricted to contact her. We are not able to contact each other Using the gap, her father and brother arranged another marriage for my wife with other guy resident of Thoothukudi and according they have executed the Marriage on [deleted]. After knowing that my wife was given in marriage, my parent arranged my marriage with other girl called in year 2011 December and I have a child with her. Before marriage her father and brother has informed that thoothukudi guy that my daughter was an adopted baby. But after marriage guy came to know that my wife is the real mother for the baby, he was suppressed and he had moved petition for divorce in the Court of The Principal District Judge, Thoothukudi and granted divorced on 28th Sep 2012. In Feb 2012, she contact me again and tell her fate that her subsequent marriage also become strained and facing legal proceedings for divorce and further she requested me to take care of her and my daughter otherwise she would end her life. Left with no other option to save her & my daughter life, I agreed to take care of them and start taking care of them onwards. Thereafter everything between us was going smoothly and it was fully known to her family especially her Father, Brother and Family. Simultaneously, I maintain both of my wives and children’s well and there was no objection from her Father & Brother and any other side so far. Whenever, I come down to India I meet her and my daughter and we would stay somewhere outside of our houses. Since, I’m working in Oil & Gas Field I have 28days on duty in abroad and other 28days leave, frequently we meet each other and our relationship were in smooth and fine. In June 2015, my wife & myself decided to settle down in abroad, upon that we decided to get passport for my daughter and we received in June 29, 2015 in Madurai Passport Office. In last July 19, 2015, I have left my wives & children in her native and I travel to my work location. I used to communicate my wife via Phone and massager in hours. Her father get knowing that, we are planning to move to abroad, in Aug 11, 2015 around 10:00PM at night while I am talking to my wife through Phone. Her father intervene our conversation and started scolding me unreasonably and abused me, there a small wordy alteration erupted between us. And when we were talking, in a fit of anger, he told me that again he would give my wife in marriage with someone else and my daughter will be admitted in a school without disclosing the existence of her father & mother. As he told he stopped her schooling, where she was studying. And from a call from my wife’s relative on August 16, 2015, I came to know that father and brother took my wife and my daughter somewhere else by force. I fly down to India on September 16, 2015 after complete my work rotation to search my wife and my daughter, I came to know from my wife relative and friends that her brother came down to India on August 16, 2015 and took my wife & daughter to Sri Lanka. On my enquire with my wife friends that wife of her brother went to Kings School and collect the Transfer Certificate without any notification to School. At that time, my wife removed her Thaali. Upon that incident and my enquire with all my wife’s relatives & village peoples, I came to know that my wife & daughter are under the forceful custody of her father and brother that too with the idea of giving my wife in marriage again to someone else and give my daughter in adoption to some 3rd party. Such an activities of her father & brother are highly atrocious and illegal. Further, I don’t know where my wife and daughter are now and also whether they are safe or not. And, frequently I have receiving calls from unknown number and giving life threatening and saying my wife got married with someone and that marriage was arranged by her sister-in-law family in Chennai. Due to such a calls and life threatening, I’m unable to stay in my hometown and I have been compelled to say away from my native place. In view of above, I have filed a case in Madurai Bench of Madras High Court (HCP) on 16th Sep 15. In 29th Sep 15, her father used his political influences & money power he came with a lawyer with lot of fake complaints like , I was threatening for money, fake SMS has attached saying that i will post sexly picture of her in FB, and myself & my wife have no any close relationship etc. All the above complaints are fake and register in earlier day then my petition; in Court the close my case without any valid reason. Hence, I’m looking for your kind advise in this regards, how I can move further and what kind of step I can take Your early response will be highly helpful me to get my wife and daughter back in my life.