Breaking up arranged marriage engagement

I am 28 years old man, In march 2015 I got engaged with a girl while my home town visit. From first day they have lied with us like they said in boy-girl meet only 7-8 people will come but more than 40 people from their side had come. After that her uncle started useless arguments and fight with my father. Then according to INDIAN traditional we have given a diamond ring and sarees to a girl and from their side they have given filthy old cloths(which we have never asked them to do). Later we have realised that the father and uncle of girl are trying us to do all marriage related arrangements. They tried to use us finally and physical(for doing all work). Meanwhile I asked about girls saving(as she is also working) while our conversation to settle our future house and other things(I feel I did mistake to ask her) but never asked her for any money or anything. But girl always asked me to bought her laptop, watch, mobile etc. Now me and my family realised that they are not good people to make lifetime relationship so we have broken up. Now they are making dramas and girl is saying I am money oriented. Her father is asking for money they have spent. I want to know will it be a legal problem for us.