My husband is harassing and threatening he will cut me into pieces

I m his second wife. I have no kids from him. He is having 2 kids from his first wife. In 2016..When I came in his life boy was 16 and girl was 14. They r ok with me till 2017. My husband told me his divorce case is going on . Once done will marry ..till that u stay as pg and make bonding with kids. But in 2017 kids came to know their parents r getting divorced finally. So they started hating me. Their mother left them in 2013 for her affair with driver. I tried my best... but kids were against me. I told my husband, if they r not happy bring their mother back. He said no. My inlaws.. specially my mother in law told me to get married in mandir. We got married in 2018. Now the turning point started. I came to know my husband is womanizer. Got so many proofs and pics of his affairs. This is the reason may be his wife took revenge and left him and kids for driver affair. When I confront him, he said they r only friends. I married to u. So keep trust. One more thing came into limelight, from 2013 he is having affair with a female who is 5 years elder to him and married and mother of two and not divorced. He introduced her as a councillor of kids. Kids were knowing everything. They were knowing this female is having affair. But as she is married and only staying in weekend won't take their mother place. When all these stories going on, my husband harassed me a lot. Even I used to get infections. And was hospitalized too. He left me alone in hospital. Even when my leg got fractured he left me with driver. I used to fight that he used me and not taking care, nor giving time and even not giving legal name. He was having a habit of not talking one one month. I kept maid for everything. As kids were having a habit of everything to get in hand. They were luking and treating me as a maid and caretaker. So I kept maid. Other things I were managing. My husband was free from everything. He use to enjoy outside. If I fight for time. He use to harassed and used to told me getlost as he doesn't value our marriage and it's not legal. He got suspended in 2019 and after 5 months got transferred in another city. Starting he behaved well. I thought he is changing. So I was happy and doing my duty. When I met him , I was having job and settled. He told to leave job. I started doing freelancer, but becoz of time restricted, was not upto date. 2020 gone in covid. He got divorced in 2021 and he done legal with me in april 2022 with so many fights. Now from September 2022 he was having affair with a lady and got caught redhanded. So his ego got hurt. He has threatened and insulted my parents and even me. I informed that lady family members. So both r threatening me and he is not fulfilling my basic needs nor giving money for anything. Telling me to go outside and earn. He is not here to take care of my life. And if I m doing his police complaint or complaing higher authority then he will kill me into pieces..what action should I take.