Want divorce from my husband and he has premature ejaculation

I've been married for 1.5 yrs and my husband and we both doing job at different place and we meet each other at their home 2 time per month for 2- days .i have sex MAYBE one time per month or 2 month . Also, when we do have it, he has premature ejaculation.So, it is hell for me.I've given up always looking for him sexually, he always denies me and it hurts me so much and tells me "no"because he's stressed out or tired (which is always). So I don't look for him anymore, i just wait when he wants (which is almost never). We had many fights over this,i asked him in many ways how and why is like this. He hates the topic so we haven't spoken about it since. I'm sexually frustrated.. Since for my husband, i am invisible or made of wood. I want my marriage to work, but i'm also considering divorcing him because of this. I am not happy. It is not only sex, but i feel whatever i do,i am invisible for him. He is cold, he doesn't talk to me. We can be in the same room and say nothing. I try talking to him but he either nods or yes/no answer. so i want divorce from him