Can I go abroad with kid when divorce case is proceeding in family court

Hello sir I need your help. We have been married for 15 years. But because of lots of problems, i decided not to live with him. So, last year in Feb, 22, with the influence of family, we did one agreemet ( Chutacheda no karar) and I did registered notary of that agreement. In that, already mentioned that if anyone wants decree certificate, both should agree without any condition. After 6-7 months, when I asked him for sign in decree certificate , he refused to do so. And he filed a case to make null and void of that agreement. My lawyer, filed case under family court act-7(1)(B) in November 22. But no further procedure has been done. Then, i go with another lawyer nd he suggested me to file a domestic violence nd i did. Now, i came to know that, i was misguided and that agreement does not have any value and that domestic violence is also not valid as we are not living together since January 22. I want to go abroad because I just want to come out of these all shits and for earings also. As mentioned in that agreement, i am not receiving any money from him and even i don't want. I just want legally divorce and to go abroad for better future of my son , mainly to become financial strong. Now, again i get mixed answer from lawyers.. one of them said yes..i can and one of them said no..i can't. Is it possible me to go abroad with my kid, My son is 13 yrs old and he is living with me only, when the case judgement not declared..or the procedure of case is going on.. Plz tell me the suggestion..what should I do or what is the actual procedure . Waiting for your reply... I am Jain by religion