Mental harrassment by MIL

I have been married for three years now. I have had a miscarriage last year and this year at the time being I am pregnant again. I have never ever even talked back to my Mother in law and whatever she says I just silently agree be it right or wrong. But she is never satisfied. My husband though doesn't support his mother but he is never ready to move out of the house. My mil constantly asks us to leave the house and go away and mocks us by saying we will see how you live on your own. But I know i can manage the house very well. i am a working lady but I can proudly say that I can do every household work with ease. But in this house i feel suffocated under the pressure of my mil's bad temper and moods. Moreover her divorced daughter also lives with us and she too constantly picks fights with everyone in the house. It is more of a zoo than a house. I really feel bad for myself and my unborn child. My husband doesn't agree to live separately even after so much mockery by my sil. I am now thinking of going out of the house and staying at my parents. Will that be good because I am finding it hard to take it anymore.