Matrimonial case

Dear Sir, I’m well educated and software engineer, I got engaged with my husband on April, 2022 and married on May, 2022. My husband and myself staying together with In-laws and my sister in law’s family also stays in the same apartment. My arranged to consummate the marriage but it doesn’t happen. I found the changes in his behavior like saying that my physical appearance is different before the match making and after marriage. Father-In-laws and mother-in-law also mentally harassing me by saying abuse words and body shaming me. I informed the same to husband but he always supports his parents. Six months completed but we didn’t consummate our marriage. In-law’s keep on harassing me and my parents over my body appearance, color and height. I went to my parents’ home for the festival during the time I got lawyer notice that my husband filed a suit under sec 12.1.C fraud annulment against me on 1st week of Jan,2023. We tried multiple times to talk with husband and in-laws they didn’t considered it. In the last week of Jan, 2023, I filed 498 A case against my husband and in-laws saying dowry harassment and questioned about his impotency. Through mediators and police both families met and decided to get separated though mutual consent and an agreement made with 20 rupees notary saying that husband to return dowry back and separated through mutual consent divorce. I am in depression and unknowingly signed the agreement without my fully acceptance. Husband withdrawn 12.1.C case and it is disposed uncontested withdraw. For now, my 498A case is still pending at police station, charge sheet also not written by police till now. We tried again multiple times through mediators to not separated and asked a chance to stay together he is not interested to stay together. We are not sure if he is impotent or not. I really don't want to get separated. Below are the questions have. Kindly address it 1) Please suggest me if the agreement is valid or not in Law? 2) I’m not interested to go for mutual consent divorce will my husband can again reopen that 12.1.C case against me and how it is valid at law with in the limitation of 1 year may 15th 3) Will the police people Quash the FIR based on the agreement made? 4) my husband already maintained the police, If charge sheet is not filed with in 90 days what will happen to register FIR? 5) If police is not filed charge sheet with in 90 days. Can I reopen same FIR again through court directly? I want to stay with him. please suggest me what should I do next. is there any hope in my relationship.