College is denying admission.

I got admission in RML college of nursing, Delhi through CET organised by IP university. I have myopia in my one eye and my other eye has 6/6 vision. There is no rule in medical fitness which says that if one eye has less vision then the student is medically unfit. But the college authorities specially medical officer, Dr. Satish saying me to withdraw admission. They are not saying in written that I am medically unfit. They are just pressuring me to withdraw the admission my self. They have already sent a letter to Indian Nursing Council to which the Council have replied that college should form a medical board and decide. But Dr. Satish refused to come in medical board and he said that We will ask Ministry of Health. From last one month they are saying they will write to Ministry of Health but they are just making some excuse every time. I don't know what to do now. They have already wasted three months and they have made no decision whether they want to give me admission or not. All they are saying that I should withdraw admission. I have a feeling that Dr. Satish has some ulterior motive. I am afraid he want to sell my seat to someone else. What legal action I can take against college. Is it worth taking legal action given that a court case can take years?