I have got married by 2023 Jan 20 I was sincerely not getting married because I am preparing for an examination I don't have any job yet . I have many time said to my wife family that I will not get married because I can't afford the expenses and I am leaving out of my hometown for preparation but they emotionally blackmail me I have all recording to refuse the marriage but now the condition is girl want expensive gift I-phone don't want to live with my parents I m not able to bother any expenses she toucher me and my family ask not live with them my whole life become like hell some time I feel to commit suicide but I m a single child of my parents so I don't want to do so how can I take divorce I can't live a single minute with her she is so clever always pretend to her family that she is innocent but I want to divorce her at any cost I feel that I am in depression sometime she says to my parents do things according to me other wise she will commit suicide. What can I do ? Please help ,me please I even not going to home since my marriage .I am afraid for my career she can put any wrong allegation on me my career will ruin how can I get rid from her