Land dispute

Hello sir/mam, Myself Rakshith basically from Bangalore, My parents have a property which was gifted by my grandparents (Gift Deed) in Bangalore we want to sell it as when we tried to sell we got to know we didn't had sale deed - mother deed - possession certificate missing, Thinking that we lost the property we made FIR and did made a paper advertisement, But after that we got to know our grandparents gave our property paper to financier for loan purpose long back but even though they paid their money he has not given the paper and they don't have any proof with them that they gave property papers to him(He cannot claim property as first its in my mothers name now and he doesn't has any GPA) please please please help us out in this matter. if we meet buyers for our property they again ask only original papers even though we made all procedures regarding lost documents they fear to buy. please suggest should we take old property papers by him or should we continue as lost property document. Thank you.