Can an MNC employee own a private e-commerce website?

Website hosting requires registration with a host provider.After joining MNC, can an employee create his own personal website (without infringement of company's IPR) ? My question is: 1. In case,an e-commerce website is built, we need a bank account to receive the transaction amount. In this case will current account of the owner of the website would suffice or a pvt ltd company should be created and only then bank agrees to open an account ? what's legal stand with respect to website regulations and owners responsibilities towards regulatory obligations? 2. In case the owner opens a pvt ltd company, doesn't he violate his employer's agreement of not being any director of a company etc.? What is the right way to operate e-commerce website without violating employers regulations as well as income tax regulations (Sleeping partner?)? 3. If we mention the income if any, from such operations, in Income tax returns, doesn't it violate principle that One employee should do one job at a time? Please clarify. I would like to create such an e-commerce website to assess my technical knowledge to gain overall expertise.