Complaint against my daughter in law

Hello Sir/Madam My daughter in law is not allowing me and my wife to our house after tge death of my son. It's been 5 months my son passed away due to heart attack, 8 years back for building the house he lied to me and my wife and registered my only property to his name and cheated us by writing I have taken money from my son and sold that property to my son. I'm an illiterate who doesn't know how to read and write, without knowing anything I trusted my son and for his family happiness and wellbeing I blindly trusted and signed the papers 8 years back. And now I got to know about this, when my son expired and when my daughter's saw the papers to file the complaint and get back my property for our leaving. I have two daughters and 1 son. I was leaving in one of my daughter's rent house, when my son was alive, but now due to some construction issue, we don't have house to leave and any income to survive. She is not allowing us to our house, when we go and ask for our rights she filed a complaint against us with false allegations against me and my daughters and put me behind the bars for 1 day. Can we file a complaint against her? Please help us.