Mental arrasement and blackmailing of my wife

Before marriage, We are in love, and At that time When I was preparing for competitive exams, She blackmailed me to marry her otherwise she will get suicide, I tried her very much that give me some time to Get settle but she can't agree, She promised me that she can't ask anything And she adjust anything, And forced me to get marry, I left all my preparations and we were get married, In the situation without single rupee After our marriage she started torture And arrasement to me, Demanding gold , High fi living, etc She strongly beliefs superstitious things, And roaming everywhere Spend so much amount to swami's, baba, fakirs, church fathers. . Etc She is a house wife, Then I thinked that if she busy with her Works she will no time to do all these nonsense, I told her to start a tailorshop with low cost, She agreed and started After that she blackmailed me to upgrade this shop otherwise I can't work, I don't have money but she forced me to do debts Gradually step by step she thrown me deep in debts, Which is huge for me, She doing her job and earning money but did not even single rupee was given to me for settling debts, From last 3 months I left my job, left home and Once again started my preparation for Govt. Job , She deemanding me to give money as much as she asked For maintainance, i said that I don't have job and money now, that to i have so many debts, So I paid her as per my calculations and I said her to adjust to this amount for this critical position, but she can't listening to me, she demanding more amount And she blackmailed me and my family members that If you not give money as much I asked, otherwise i will file a police case against you, Can you please give me a suggestion that 1) How would i get my money back which i was invested in her shop... 2) how to get divorce from her as soon as possible