I got married on May 21 ,2015 .it was a love marriage things were good before later My husband n I went abroad for a month their I got to know his true colours that he is a very cruel heartless man ,he abused & threatened me . After we coming back my in laws started torturing me . My Mil tels lies to my FIL & husband and both of them attack me. My FIL keeps a gun and my husband abuses . All of them hv tortured me so much that I m not in a state of thinking or even saying anything to any1 as now I m very scared of them , I was committing sucide but dn I called my father n he has brought me home , I am 4 months pregnant . All they want is money . They have spoiled my life . Tortured me emotionally mentally & physically . Now they r spoiling my character I feel like dieing . What should I do my husband comes every night after drinking at my parents place n threatensbus not to file a divorce or complain . But I don't want anything from them no money nothing but only divorce n peace of mind please help