Premarital pregnancy

I and a girl (pretty elder to me) liked each other and we had consensual intercourse but right from the beginning I have always made it clear to her that I will not be able to marry her and asked if she is okay with it. She had been saying its completely okay. And now she is pregnant and she wishes to have the baby but I dont want to have any baby as of now and also not to marry her (Now or in Future). She is telling that she will have the baby and will grow the child by herself and wont marry anyone else also and I need not be worried as she wont file any case no matter what. Now I am worried because even though she does not complain what if her parents or siblings file a complaint. She keeps saying that she will handle them and no one will take action against me unless she says. I am little concerned and this has eating my brain in the recent days. What should I do I dont want to force her to abort at the same time I cant marry her. Can I let her take the call despite not going to marrying her. I completely believe that she wont be complaining that I have cheated by saying that i have promised to marry her. But still dont know what the India's Law . What is to be done? Can I be taken any action against even if she doesnot complaint about me and Can she have my name as the child's Father without being married to me?