Child custody

I have 2 month old daughter and 2.3 year old son. I am suffering from mental torcher from my wife and mother in law along with actual distroyer of my family is two sisters of my mother in law and there daughter and sons. Uneducated narrow minded people want to use my child as a opportunity and demands money, my wife stays with them, restricted me to even speak with them over video call. Always put False allegations , big time lier family and no honor of words. My mother in law did same with my father inlaw. Looted there entire retirement fund with the help of same family and left my father inlaw alone. Just waiting for death so that she can enjoy the pension. My wife requested me to allow for a job for atleast 2 year so that she can help her mother and brother who is 26 year old jobless useless fellow. I allowed out of humanity. She earn 30 k, now my mother in law teach her that she don't need husband to service and I am bad personal will not be good husband so my wife follow them blindly. If she don't follow they blackmail her. Her entire salary gose to them only. I don't care about her money but she don't want to satya with me along with child. She threatening me with my life bqj I hve term insurance of 1.5 cr where she is nominee. They do kala jadoo kind off stuff also and give this kind of stuff in tea and other. Now I m suffering every day with the laughing of my children's. I don't have any personal life since 2 year. Now I have decided to be separate and have child custody. The most imp thing is my wife is not responsible, lazy, she don't care about her father her husband and children also. Now she is just using mob phone and cartoon screen time to my son 6 to 7 hr everyday. I don't trust her anymore. She left my house by telling lia to my mother and me two times with children and went to her mother hometown. Puted my unborn and newly born child in risk many time. I have a proof and recordings of her many offence as a evidence. I want my children custody and want to separate from her. Request to please guide the best