POA between Husband and Wife

Hi All, I'm an NRI and married 25 years and my wife enjoying all rental properties of mine for past 17 years.....and not sharing single Rupee. Recently I made visa to them(wife and son) to come UK and taken care for about 4 years. later got infected TB to me and high diabetics because of this was bedridden for year and half, these guys and not taken care me at all, despite that my wife and son abusing me for not having income any more. As time goes on I told my wife divide share of mine which I have invested in her place. She been keep on postponing for years and enjoying rental properties. Now the situation is like that she finally agreed to write one property on my name provided that after clear of all loans on the property (may be around 25 lakhs in Bank). she said she is coming to india in the month Dec last year, she did not came, then later said Jan, then Feb., then march , now telling I will be coming June !!. Look how is playing with my life. Plz help guys when she come to India , I need an agreement between us like once the load cleared on that particular property, should be on my name without her concern. Plz come back to me for quick solution.