Need guidance of ancestral property rights to children of D&E

hi respected lawyers, my great great grand father (A) acquired property in 1898 and had 2sons(B&C great grandfathers). upon A death, property went to B in 1914 and thereafter upon his death, property went to C in 1918(basically brother B to C). C had 2 sons (D&E grand fathers) and upon C's death, property dwelled to D in 1928 (in land records it shows D as KARTA)..... at this time E takes only movable items and joins govt service and after D dies in 1950, till 1979 no one makes change in land records. that means E was living but doesn't make any claim on propty. meanwhile children's of D makes wife (X)of D as successor and land records changed as pavti (meaning upon death(of D)). from 1979 till date 2015 it remained in name of X. also, E lived till 1980 and he was staying in neighborhood of X & her children but never asked for partition till his death..... D had 1 wife X + 4 children PQRS (father+uncle) and E had 3 wives + 3 children (IJK -uncles) and IJK are sons from 3rd wife. now after so many years IJK want to claim partition as "ancestral property". questions are (1) can th e property in the hands of D was " ancestral prop" (consider that A was first acquirer and transfer from B to C was elder to younger brother as pavti (death))? 2) can IJK claim for property as ancestral ( consider property transfer from D to X was pavti based) partition? 3) is there a law of limitation apply against claim of IJK (since property in hands of D+X close to 90 years)? this property is in Karnataka.