False charges of 498A with later on addition of 307 by my son's wife.

My son got married around 8 months back. He is a simple religious minded person who loves his family and stays with parents. His wife from the start did not like his simple life style and staying with parents. She didn't like to be dominated by her husband and take permission from him for anything which is a normal norm in our Muslim house hold. Out of the first 5 months she spent more than 3 months in her mother's house which my son didn't agree of. Regularly she would be nagging and crying and want to go home. She would always instigate my son to speak against us, leave us and get separated. She had a fight and took all her stuffs and went away to her parents home in December last year. My son met her on many occasions in January this year in her house and outside as well. My son finally decided to get a new place and live separately from us with his wife. He informed her of it and she agreed. However after setting the new house last moment she declined to come with him. After a period of no activity for a month she suddenly in the month of February filed an fir against my son and all the family members under section 498A. Not satisfied with this she went to a magistrate and recorded statement for attempt to murder under section 307 and got my son arrested. He spent 12 days in custody before getting a bail. She is whimsical and crazy. She only wants to destroy my son's career. She went to his office to inform them of his arrest etc. Even the bail order states that she has no medical evidence to prove her injury as such. This was all an after thought to put us in shame in the society. All her claims are false and baseless.