How to challenge the interim maintenance order in crpc125

Hi All, This is regarding the CRPC 125 maintenance case filed by my wife in 2018. My left the matrimonial home in 2016 when i was went outside and did not returned back till date. I am not working and I am present perusing LLB 2nd year. I do not have any property on my name and not working any where. i have sent legal notices asking my wife to join with me for three times in the year 2016, 2017. But she managed the postman indicating the address absent and the notices along with acknowledgement was returned back to me. Now the Hon'ble judge did not allowed my advocate for oral arguments and my advocate filed written arguments in court. Now finally the hon'ble judge ordered interim maintenance of 18000/-per month from the date of filling the petition from 2018. I don't know on what basis the order was passed. Kindly help me with your valuable suggestions/replies to fight against this interim order in crpc 125. I dont want to pay her as she deserted herself without any reason. what is the best way to proceed like going for stay on this interim order followed by Appeal in the high court. Please reply the chances of Dismiss of this interim order by high court. Regards, Durga .