Wife and her family asking for separation or break up

I am from muslim family, In short- I got engaged in April 2014 and may I got calls from girl sister to talk to girl, Since then I bought mobile for her and spend some money, met her parents consoled them i will take gud care, but being conservative family I told her I want her to become practicing muslim with less or no fashion. but she still sent pics with shorths and tight t shirts. I tried to breakup but her parents accepted for Islamic living. but her mother complained about our engagement gifts being very cheap and our family status very cheap. post marriage girl started torturing me. like marriage happened in jan and she got pregnant in feb. She used to ignore me to sleep with her post that for unwanted reason but when I request or or try tell as husband i have all rights. she scares me by telling her bro in law is powerfull he may harm me and my family. I had to keep patience. the same thing was done by her family and herself by making me scare of hurting me and my family with her bro in laws political support, police support, rowdies support, her dad once said he will cut off testes of my family .post delivery her father hit me and kicked me in hospital room. when I had gone to see her. there also I kept quite and came off. however her mother and father demanded for separate home or else, her mother has found some gud boys for her to remarry. and she will break up this relationship. I kept quite and came off. I need advice how to take this forward? and I don't want to get into crpc 125 of false dv . As I have strong proof of my expenses made for her and her family for all 10 months. even in 6th month of pregnancy she had said she wants to kill the child inside womb. Please help.