Can i be on two govt job without drawing salary from one

Hi I am working as temporary employee in one of the govt organisation and since we are actually listed as permanent employee in the rules of that organisation, we are fighting against the organisation for our permanent post which is to be given but they have not accepted. In the meantime we are on extension in the same organisation till the case is solved. I have another job option in my hand which of low grade now i am in dilemma that how can i keep this job with me without leaving earlier one. Is there any way that i can keep my claim in this job for which case is being fought after resignation??? or i should not resign at all because according to employer still it is temperory post.. So can i join my new job and whenever case is won i can come back and join my old job please suggest i am in great confusion. Both job are priceless for me. If i leave second job then, in case of loosing the case i will be left with no option so i can't leave second job. please help me out