Mental torture from in laws and husband

Hello, I m a software engineer. Got married recently nine months back. I had set my expectations clearly before wedding for which my in laws had agreed. I was still studying when I had got married. I was not able to do any house chores because of my studies. They made this a big issue by calling out for a big meeting. There was a big fight and I stayed apart from my husband for five months. After five months, I went back and everything was running smoothly. My mother in law again started mentally torturing me by talking rudely for petty reasons. She wants my parents to go to her place requesting permission from her to get me to my mother's place.My husband also is less supportive to me. Basically I find a generation gap.I am unable to face these things and totally depressed because of their behavior. Have tried explaining my husband but he takes his parents side always. He is not even ready to leave his parents as he is the only son.It has become like a one woman army. I strongly feel like leaving my husband. Need your legal advice.