Mutual consent divorce query

Me and my husband is going for mutual consent divorce after our 4 years of marriage. My son is with me and my husband agreed for his custody to me. Now my ornaments every thing is with my husband and his family and they are saying as per law when the divorce decree is received after 6 months then only both parties exchange the ornaments and belongings . Is this correct as per law. I clearly told my husband that i shall sign the mutual consent only after getting my ornaments back. .He had appointed a lawyer and they have sent the revised draft stating "The Petitioner no.2’s Gold Jewelry is in possession of Petitioner no.1. Petitioner no.1 will return the Gold Jewelry of Petitioner no.2 once petition is filed in court and thereby Petitioner no. 2 should return back the locket of Petitioner no.1 as they mutually agreed to separate." I need help on this since i am ready to give his mutual consent divorce signed without any alimony for me but for my son's future since he is just 2 years old. Kindly guide me in this