Mental Harassment

I work in an it firm recently I moved to a new team as a part of new team I was allotted a mentor so that I can be productive quickly, first few days were fine but after she started taking credit for my work and then stopped mentoring me she did not even discussed the task which were suppose to be done by me. She use to tell in meeting in front of everyone that she will be explaining the task to me but in person she use to make me wait for hours to do the same moreover when I continuously asked her she used to ask me to do her task and take credit for work I do . When I used to submit my task she did not even used to see my work for days she used to ignore my work lastly when the client wanted the work ready she used to push me in front of the client and ask the same and ask me if I had completed my work though it was already completed days ago but because she did not give a green signal for my task it was considered incomplete, but the case was totally different . It went on for months , finally I was so frustrated that I left the company and moved on but this still haunts me the reason she did this and is there a law which would help me push the wrongdoer.