Can donee (minor) get Mutation of land before attaining adulthood?

I have got two questions: 1. As per record, Mr. Ram has executed 02 Gift deeds in favour of his 02 minor sons aged 05 years and 02 years respectively on dated 25/1/1967 measuring total 10 acres of lands. In the Gift Deeds there was no mention of ANY NATURAL GUARDIAN. Those 02 kids on dated 01.5.1967 got copy of preliminary Records of Rights bearing no. 3867 and 3868 and on dated 15/11/1968, they again got final copy of Record of Rights on same nos. This entire exercise had been exercised during first Revision Survey. My question is----Can a minor get final Record of Right over any land--without any natural guardian? Can that Record of Rights be challenged? 2. Mr. Ram claimed that he had purchased land through Registered Sale Deeds dated 1959 and 1960 from Mr. Shyam. But Mr. Ram did not execute Mutation over his purchased land and from those registered Sale Deeds---he had gifted land to his 02 sons. My question is----can a person legally authorized or not to execute Gift Deeds without Mutation of land?