Transfer of property

My father(person 1) owns some Ansistral properties in bengaluru, similar is the case with my father's brother's son.(person 2) Now there were disputes related to their properties, now they have come to a decision to settle it peacefully by releasing some of the property in their names to each other. In doing so there are 3 properties related to this as listed below Schedule 1: one gunta of land Schedule 2: 3 guntas of land in my father's name Schedule 3 : 3 guntas out of 1 acre land in my father's brother's son's name Note: all these three lands are situated in different places. i.e they are not a part of single piece of land Now person 2 is ready to release schedule 1 properry to person 2 Person 1 is ready to give schedule 2 property by recieving schedule 3 property.  Now my question is what type of deed should they make. Because some of them in talhuk office said that 11e sketch is nor possible for land less than 5 guntas, is there any exception for blood relations,  Because now if 11e sketch is not done, the sketch of the exchanged lands wont be available to us from the government, and would hamper our further development in our respective lands.