Verbal Abuse and threat of physical attack

There is a neighbour who is a total drunkyard...he continuously abuse me and my mother whenever we are in our balcony or going somewhere.. whenever we r outside our house...he verbally abuses n if we confront him..his whole Family abuses us...also he has a rickshaw which he bangs in our vehicles continuously, we have cctv cameras installed n there is full recording. We share a common wall as he haven't build his side own n uses ours n uses broken water tanks so that now that common wall is has become very risky ..there is full current in the wall ..the wall is damaged n there is no way he going to use proper tanks for himself...its all mental torture..he starts abusing as early as 4am in the feels unsafe to be alone at home now ..he is a total drunkyard..every time we call police...police takes him..he then begs n promises to not repeat anything but again in some days he starts doing it..there is no respect left when u r outside your home n he hurls absolute abuses out of nowhere.... What to do? And is doing online complaint useful? How to do online complaint..pls guide