Double cidco transfer charges

M a resident of the Kamothe, Navi Mumbai society OC happened in 2014 and society got formed dated May 2018 and i have purchased this flat in Dec.2018...the first owner was actually the investor so he did not do flat registration before society formation...he did registration with builder first in dec.2018 first week and later in 4th week he did registration with me... Now society is doing deemed conveyance and plot transfer this process few new members were interested in doing individual cidco transfer work with the agent who is carrying out the same work...I was also one of the same owner who agreed to do cidco transfer work of my flat. Now this agent states me that you have to pay double transfer charges!!! Reason : He says your first owner sign is missing in Society by-laws document so cidco is asking double transfer charges thats it... M totally confuse in this matter...Please help me getting solution on this has i dont want to pay any additional amount for which i have no idea about.