Treatment of immovable property of dissolution of partnership firm

An office was purchased by a partnership firm consisting of 3 partners (later 1 new partner was added). After some years, the partnership was dissolved mutually and it was agreed that 1 of the original partners would continue business under the same name at the said office premise acquired previously as a proprietorship concern. No registration in the land revenues was done for the same and for about 30-35 years the business continued as proprietary concern. Recently, on death of the said proprietor, the legal heir has applied for transfer of office in their name (under Probate of High Court) but the society lawyer has contended that office has not been registered in the name of the continuing partner post dissolution which is required to be done now. He has suggested to do the registration at the current date by paying full stamp duty @ 6% on the current market value as per ready reckoner rate and post that go for transfer under Probate of Will. Kindly help as on reading of various cases I have found that registration, transfer, stamp duty is not required separately on dissolution of partnership firm even where immovable properties are involved. Thanks!