Can I convert mutual divorce to contested after 1st motion

I am seeking divorce from my husband but he was not willing to give the same.I was not asking for alimony from beginning but he was just taking advantage of my eagerness to get dovorce and was refusing for any meeting and then he demanded some of gold ornaments that his family had given me.We agreed to give that as well but he wanted the divorce to take place in his city which I was not agreeing as I thought he would have more power and he would get it delayed.After a lot of efforts we finally went to Women Police station and made a complaint for dowry and domestic violence as they had taken dowry but we did not file FIR as we wanted to end this Asap.He came to police station and after a lot of arguments he agreed to give mutual divorce.I am worried that he may come for 1st motion but may deny the second motion as he just wants make my life more difficult. Can I convert the mutual divorce to contested at that time and would the first motion sign be valid at that time? Or shall lodge an FIR now to be on safer side and file contested divorce simultaneously?