Landlord is harassing me for rent every month

Due to our financial condition worsening in the past few months, we haven't been able to pay the rent on time. But still we pay it before the end of the month anyhow. The problem is, our landlords enter the house once the due date is gone and then stay there for 5-10 days or however long it takes for us to pay them. They harass us mentally by doing this and also threaten us with police action if we don't pay them. It has been written in the rent agreement that if the tenant is unable or does not pay the rent, then the landlord can serve a notice asking them to vacate the property. We have talked to our landlords about this multiple times but they just aren't ready to give us a notice. They forcefully ask us to pay rent and stay on the premises even after we have explicitly told them that we cannot pay rent and hence don't want to stay anymore. Also, they enter the house illegally for this purpose even after having agreed that they will only come for property inspection, but they come and live in the house till we pay them the rent. What can be done in this case?