How can I get a Divorce

I was married in 2004. After 2 years of marriage my wife filed a domestic violence case (498 A) plus a separate case for maintenance in two different districts. In the same year I filed a case for conjugal rights. My wife came back after settling the matter amicably in the court. In the same year the 498 case was also dismissed on the basis that she said that she misunderstood the inlaws behaviour towards her. We bought a house on rent and stayed there. In 2012 my wife again filed 498 A case against me and my parents. but this time she filed a case for divorce and alimony. She is being staying with her parents from then and is not willing to come back. Please tell me what to do. Alimony amount is way much for me to bear because I am trying the best to make ends meet. I am not working. I am a Tax Consultant. But because of these cases I am finding it difficult to pay attention on my practice. My income level has also gone down. They are telling me to settle the matter by giving one time settlement amount.