Charges on new flat demanded by Builder.

Sortly, I will be getting possession of my flat in Greater Noida area, situated in Uttar Pradesh. The Builder has now demanded following amounts from me: 1. One Year maintenance charges @ Rs.1.50Ps per square feet. Initially no facilities like swimming pool, club etc. as promised will be ready for us. I want to know whether there is any court decision on the basis of which we can ask the builder to claim such maintenance charges on actual basis rather than on %age basis as mentioned above. If there is any decision of any High Court/Supreme Court, hope you will intimate the citation of the same. 2. Secondly, the builder has demanded an amount of Rs.60000/- as Additional Back Up Charges for 2 KVA. I have told builder that I do not require such Additional Back Up facilities,(since 1 KVA is being provided by the builder free i.e. in the base price of flat. The builder says that such Additional Back Up charges are mandatory. I want to know whether such charges are mandatory ?. If no, whether there is any citation of court decisions which may help me.