Rights of a wife with one boy child if proceed for divorce

Hello all. I am undergoing a trauma of a probable divorce. My wife left the home with our child almost a month back. There had been petty issues between us, always. It's been 9 years we have been married and a son of 6years old. We all had been living in my father's home. I don't own any property by myself unless its been transferred to me or my wife by my father. Now the things are like this I don't want to live with my wife anymore because of the cruelty she had been showing in all these years. (She has also suffered mental agony because of difference in nature possessed by me, her and my father) No one wants to be the first party to file a divorce. Even she is not willing to come back but the greed of property they had been showing in last 1 month may become a reason for her comeback. She has no respect and love for me, my father and our home. Now the question I want to ask 1. What if I become the 1St party to file a divorce? 2. What she may claim from me and from my father? Does she has any right on any belongings of my my father? (No property on my father's name is ancestoral) 3. What type of cases she may implicate on me if a case begins? 4. Any chances if I may get a custody of my son? 5. Does audio recording of calls act as an evidence or is it helpful in any way?