Can my husband and his family, sell the house we are staying in?

Sir , I have come across your contact details through a reputed Legal advice online portal. I seek your valuable advice on my ongoing marital dispute/ conflict. I am married for the last 10 years with a boy ( 8 year old). My husband is working in shares/ stock market, since last three years we have shifted to Zirakpur, and he started working from home, he has has been verbally and physically abusing me and my child. Gradually he has stopped supporting us in any manner, and for the last one year, he has left the house and started staying with his parents in the same society in their flat. I had made a police complaint against him in April 2014, with medical report of my injuries after he had bitten on my face, after that he and his parents apologized, and I stayed at his parents house for three months, due to fear of physical abuse. Now I am working and supporting myself and my son, and living in the house (which is in my Husband and his Father's name), my husband has recently (August 2015) sent a divorce notice for mutual consent on plain sheet through one of our neighbour, which I returned back, and which he later refused to sent. After that he has made a police complaint against me (August 2015) with the charges of intimidating him with threats. He is now paying only the Electricity bill of the house we are staying in, which is in his name and his father's name. I seek your legal advice on whether I should get into a legal fight, or keep staying in the house I am currently staying in with my son, and keep supporting both of us, me and my child. Can my husband and his family, sell the house we are staying in, can he get our electricity connection cut off? What are the ways to secure our future? I am not aware if my husband is working from home, or not working at all, my father in law is retired and mother in law is house wife. They have inherited money from their ancestral property hence they are living a decent lifestyle in their penthouse. What are the sections of Indian Constitution which can help me to get my rights and my child's rights?. I have not contemplated any legal action till now, due to lack of time, money and energy. As my family belongs to Delhi, I am supporting myself and my son and his education, and that doesn't saves me any time for a legal fight. However, I am worried about securing my child and my future, hence I seek your valuable advice for right action in the right direction. Thanking you for sparing your precious time. Best wishes and regards