DV case against me and my parents on false grounds and asking for Money

Hi All, My wife has filed a false Domestic violence case under the DV act 2005 against me and my parents citing that we used to shout at her on few occasions and has demanded many things as below 1. Right to residence in my self owned house in Mumbai (that currently it is rented out). Now we both work in Bangalore and we stay in rented flat in Bangalore. I ask her to come and stay with me in Bangalore in the rented flat but she wants to stay separately in my owned Mumbai Flat under the right to residence (and also be able to claim maintenance). 2. Right to protection against my Sr Citizen Parents (she wants my parents to never come to my self owned house) 3. One-time compensation of 25 Lakh rupees for the mental harassment 4. 25k Maintenance for wife and 50k Maintenance in total for my two 6 month old milk feeding twin kids She also threatening to file more false cases in future after every 2-3 years so that she gets periodic supply of Money. Most lawyers tell that though in theory different counter cases can be filed, but courts/magistrates are very hesitant in accepting cases against wife. Please let me know what can be the legal remedy against this type of extortion by wife