Court Marriage related query

Me and my wife are married since 2021. We did normal marriage in temple at the time of covid. Till now we didn't registered our marriage under law. My wife have some family issue. She left her family and she was living alone in different part of the city when I met her. Then we fall in love and did marriage after 1 year of relationship. Her parents doesn't know about this marriage neither they knows anything about her since she left her house in 2018. My wife doesn't have any contact or terms with her family. She left her house without their knowledge and permission. They also didn't tried to find her. So, my fear is if anything happens in future between me and my wife, whether its divorce, any dispute or any unwanted things. Then this non registered marriage can create any issue for me or i would be in any trouble. Eg: lets say she again does the same thing and left me without my knowledge to somewhere. Then I am going to police to FIR about her missing. Then police can cross question about this marriage, why it was not registered? I want to know these type of consequences. Thank.