In volentry termination from the job

I worked as Branch Manager in reputed bank during the cold calls at Industrial area one of the company having labour contractors they required salary accounts for their labour. I have visited the labour contractor address where his business is operating during the process they given the acceptance letter of our bank proposal. While giveing the acceptance letter they have given on their letter head in that letter head the address was different where their registered office address by mistake I have signed on the paper of acceptance letter one condition mentioned "I have met the authorised person at the above address" which was not visited by me. It was declined by the bank to process the accounts based on the my reporting mager personal visit at the same address where I was visited and mentioned the why they are not operating from the letter head address based on the recommendations our Regional Head and joint business heads were approved and the accounts was processed. Later our internal investigation team found that the customer was created the registration documents with fake address which was mentioned on the letter head. But with the same address customer having accounts with other nationalised and private banks also based on the internal investigation team views my complaince team taken decision to terminate my services. With out known I got the offer from the other bank and I submit my resignation but when my notice period will complete prior 25 days my resignation was with drawn by the HR with out given notice or information to me after 5 months of my relieving date they have terminated me from the service. Based on the above fact will get any justice from the court of law?