Withdraw RCR after 498a 125 and DV filed and perjury

Hi All, Left me on 06 Apr 2014 with my daughter along with her parents. Came back next day and took her all her belongings (jewellary, her and baby clothes) in my absence from my home. I tried to call her but she did not come back. So i filed Section 9 RCR in July 2014. But after 1 month, I was informed that case of 498a and 406 is registered against me as my FIL is in Ministry of home Affairs (MHA). Along with it DV and 125 also filed in different court by my wife. Mediation in RCR failed in Aug/Sep 2014 while mediation in DV failed in July 2015. She is M.A B.ed with CTET (qualified at my home) qualified and in her complaint to CAW cell, she has written that she is working since 2008. Now, in DV, 125 and HMA 24 petition Affidavit she is written once i sent her RCR notice to school, she was fired from school and become unemployed and is now a housewife. However truth is she resiged from that school and joined another school in same month. I have her form 26AS (showing her salary (around 34K) and current employer) to prove that she lied in her affidavit. Can i file perjury for lying in her affidavit. Now trial in 498a is about to start in Jan 2016. Now i want to withdraw my RCR case and do not want to Give her any alimony ? Please suggest ?