For mutual divorce

Hello Lawyers, My problem is little different, try to explain it in simple way. We have been married for 10 years and have a 5 year old son. My wife has Schizophrenia. And I was doing everything to get her fully recovered and she was recovering completely. But still some symptoms were showing after few months. Some of the symptoms are as follows: Social Isolation, Aggression, Compulsive Behaviour, Hostility, Lack of Restraint, Thought Disorder, Delusion, Confusion, Slowness in Activity, Hearing Voices, Depression etc. And while I was doing everything for her, I also started suffering from depression. And she is not ready to accept that I might be in trouble too. Since then, she frequently left home and live with her parents. And after a few days she was coming home after apologising. And now since almost 1 year she left home without any reason and she wants a mutual divorce at this time. I am totally confused about whether she really wants a divorce or is she sick. I know she need very good treatment but she is not ready to it. Is there any law that I can treat her? Because currently I'm agreeing to divorce to her. Personally I don't want. Kindly guide.