Struggling to get maintenance from husband since last 8 year

I am living separately with my two children from my husband since last 8 years due to harassment for dowry and domestic violence. I filed case against my husband for dowry and maintenance. Both cases are proceedings since 8 years. Initially my husband use to appear for hearing in dowry case but refused to take notices for maintenance case. After some years, court also ordered some maintenance amount for me and my two children but he never appeared in court for maintenance case thereafter though he used to appear in dowry case. Since last one years he started refusing to accept notices for any on the case. Court ordered warrant against him in both the case still he is not appearing in court. On last warrant, his family members gave in written that he is missing and they have no information about him. We know its all planned with his family to harass me and to avoid maintenance payment. From my few sources I came to know that he has sold out his part of family property and living somewhere in other state with another woman. When I question my lawyer he said nothing can be done until I am not able to provide his current address. But I have no mean to provide his current location address. Please suggest how to proceed further in this case. I am struggling for living since last 8 years and things getting worse day by day. Please help me. Thanks a lot in advance from me and my children.