Domestic violence and child custody

I was in a relationship with a woman based on no commitment and mutual agreement, she came home to stay with me and my mom with our permission for two weeks. She ended up staying for two years. She did it by means of manipulation, threats, blackmail & fear tactics she extended her stay for 2 whole years. She would often be violent, throw things around the house, attack me and attacked my mother on two occassions in the year 2017 & 2018 but we did not proceed to filing a case as main reason was me and the woman were consuming drugs and both me and the woman were also involved in the trade of it as well & due to fear of more bigger issues happening to me, my mother had been against us consuming all the while. Me and this woman moved to a different house eventually and i figured she was cheating on me with a friend of mine so i realised that was my opportunity to get rid of her and confronted her and asked her to leave. She instead along with this man abused me, threatened rape , assault, attempt to murder , money theft and much more and forced me to turn the relationship into a committed one, and she also refused to cut off ties with that man. On 1st and 2nd of 2019 June she fed me something and i blacked out and woke up in a paralysis state and was unable to move and i noticed my bedroom door was locked and i heard he having sex outside with someone. I looked into her phone next day on 3rd and read messages with my neighbours driver and messages of her plotting to feed me sleeping pills, upon seeing this i questioned her and she denied everything and threatened me & this escalated and she tried to act like a victim of abuse and tried to call people in public and have me assaulted but it did not work out. By this time i had quit consuming, selling drugs and had opted out of this lifestyle but she continued. And eventually the cops were after her. I told her to leave, but she threatened & forced me to accompany her and if i refused she threatened to file multiple cases. She forced me to fund her money and join her to pondicherry. In Pondicherry she forced me remain in this toxic relationship and continued to cheat with multiple men. i had stopped having physical relationship with her in 2018 itself. In 2019 i drank alcohol after 2 long years one day and she got me drunk, seduced me and got me to sleep with her and got pregnant and decided to keep the child without my consent and due to multiple reasons i never realised she was pregnant until she was 7 months pregnant. She finally revealed about the pregnancy and blackmailed me to support her financially and if did try to leave she threatened to file 7 cases. And continued to abuse, traumatize and extort money for business plans, i ran away with child as she was getting too violent with me and child and environment had become too toxic. I had previously attempted running away multiple times as well. I also have bare minimum evidence few videos out of which some don't play due to technical error.