Please give best advise please please please.

Sir, Iam running parking services in govt hospital agreement period completed in sep 30 2015. In agreement "the tenency can be extended on mutual consent after the completion of present tenancy". I already 1 and half month before given representation to hospital to extend my lease Iam ready to willing enhanced rent.but they not given any reply yes or no. Hospital called tenders and and allotted parking to new person effect from 1-10-2015 to 30-09-2015. Iam not vacate the parking because we did not received vacate notice and i remote the 10 % enhanced rent on 1st October 2015 44166-00 new and Sep 2015 40151-00.and the given receipt. They with out giving notice through police and other officers trying to vacate me. I stand on there asking for vacation notice.on 14-10-2015 we filled writ direction pitition about accepting my rent but and my representation not consider,praying high court to consider my representation in August. We not mention writ tender proces was done and allot to advocate says to me the high court given direction orders to hospital to consider my my extension representation.then u go with this order try in hospital and take extension they will max consider. Why because it's from high court saying. But in the online I checked the case online case is disposed.and disposed of no costs. Iam not understand Our parking continue with direction orders. Tell me with clarity.