Now seized unofficially what to do take position

Nighbours existing from 2005 to Toll now Anx administration favoured them and taking any action on my representations. My monthly rent was 321000-00 bakery Dairy parlour rent was 65699-00 How can I pay the rents with effecting my Bussiness wantedly illegal. All the photographs and videos available how they threaten and suffer. I paid rent up to 4 months in four months I given representative about above matters and said if it continues iam unable to pay the rents. Then iam not paying rents from 7 months. They terminated my contracts. But no action taken on them.still they using foot path in front side. My lawyer given replay to them about al breaches and illegal dutys of officers and supporting 1group. They reply with out answering my questions of 18 page Leagal notice. In replay they said hospital administration decided to vacate shops as per law in force says. ( Because of non paying rents) But my advocate received notice replay not given due to health problems and he said don't worry they act as per law they not come to shop and lock or any thing. They must file eviction suite said we plan make writ or suite in 1 week 10 days after said. Suddenly Wednesday [deleted] hospital authority come with 3 police and 5 hospital security and health inspector and RMO 1 and RMO 2 other concern staff came and throwing my staff outside and my staff taking Vidio of vacating they taken 2 mobiles of my staff and seized bakery and dairy parlour.and went away. Hospital wantedly doing damages to my Bussiness and am unable to pay the rents is my fault. If iam getting loss due to them how can I earn profits and pay the rents to them. What can I do now. Please suggest sir. My advocate still unhealthy saying injection or suite or writ but court fee is huge. 470000-00 per year. 12% court fee. Nearly 5.70 lacs. Still back side shop doing Bussiness front side in footpath beside us. What to do. How to open shutter and do Bussiness and fight for reduce rent or restrict neighbours their damages to my Bussiness. I loss position if they seized. If I broke the seized is problem. They seized with out any present notice or court orders. Only they saying as per old rent notices and termination notice showing. Please please please give us My main problem authority and old contractors neighbours make me loss due to iam unable to pay rents and I get out side and they return back to the position again. Main thing Last year rent of shops. Bakery -22000-00 My rent 321099-00 difference 310000-00 per month. Dairy parlour 19000-00 my rent 65699-00 Difference 46000-00.