Brothers wife fled with gold and money. Concealed divorcee status from us.

Hi, My brother met this lady on fb in 2019. Chatting went to phone calls and then they met in July 2020 for the first time. Got married in 2021 and only 10 people from girls side participated in marriage. No dowry exchanged. We gave gold worth 15 lakhs to the girl. The behaviour of lady was strange right through start. Her family never came on any festival etc. Five months into marriage, my brother found some documents of her where there was sindoor on her forehead. On enquiring, it came out that the lady was into a marriage for 5 years and got divorced. The lady started behaving terribly after this. My brother didn't inform us about this for the sake of his married life. The lady collected all gold and cash and fled away. Her family was informed but they did nothing. After two months she came back to celebrate karvachauth. Stayed calmly for five days and again fled. This time she wrote a letter to police that she has taken away all gold n valuables with her and that the boy family should not contact her. Then withdrew the same complaint when the boy told that now he will tell her reality to everybody. Now the boy has opened up before us as to how he has been cheated with. The girls family is in no way interested in any talks regarding this. They just want to drag the matter. This is what they have done till date. Now what remedy is available for us? Should we file police complaint against her and her family? The gold that she took away was not only the one given in marriage by us but also of the boy's late mother. Her family thinks that till date we did nothing due to fear of reputation loss, as such we will do nothing in future too. She concealed her divorcee status, she stole all the gold and other valuables from here, she threatens on messages that she has no shortage of men. Calls outsiders and makes stories regarding us but still does not discloses her divorcee status to anybody. Her family has 100% involvement in all this. Kindly suggest remedies